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I Love Ferry

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Everything you need to prepare your trip.

Organize your trip
Organize your trip
Prepare what you need for your trip
Before traveling you must take into account several things: the luggage to carry, the necessary documentation for the trip, accessibility, etc. Ask us if you have any questions
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Check-in begins three hours prior to departure. Terminal gates close one hour before departure. Please note that due to strict security measures, you may run into traffic congestion upon entering the port.

Plan your arrival to the actual port at least one hour prior to departure. Upon returning to the port, please allow no less than one hour for vessel clearance by local and federal authorities.

As a courtesy to our guests, each adult passenger is allowed ONE carry on item free of charge. Contact with us to check the fees applied to your bags.


At I Love Ferry, we believe that our ferry travel is something that everyone should enjoy. From boarding and disembarkation assistance to service animals, we are committed to providing our guests with ferry travel for everyone.

Our team will discuss your needs and expectations so that they can arrange for your specific needs and will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your requests. If we are notified in advance, once you are on the ferry, our staff will have notice of your requests and will also be able to assist you with your needs on the ship.

Pets documentation

To enter the Bahamas, pets must travel with the proper documents. Pets must have a valid document certifying that it has been vaccinated against rabies within not less than 1 month and not more than 10 months prior to import for the 1-year vaccine.

For the 3-year vaccine, it must be within no less than 1 month and no more than 3 years prior to import to the Bahamas. All pets must have a Veterinary Health Certificate presented within 2 days of arrival in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas before a licensed veterinarian for an examination.

Our Discounts
We Provide Different Bonifications for your travel
Check our bonifications to residents, large families and other type of combinations. The discounts will be applied to your ticket in the last step of the booking.
Travel With Pets
Travel With Pets
Travel by ferry with your pet
If your pet is going to accompany you on your trip, you should know that you have different accommodation options. When buying your tickets you can select the option that best suits your pet.